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Remote work or teleworking in times of change

The Portuguese Government launched a platform where a list of various technological solutions for Citizens, Companies, Schools and other Organizations is available, which will help to implement teleworking routines during a teleworking period ...

These solutions result from a partnership with some of the main technological companies and telecommunications operators, who made themselves available to offer them during this period and make their respective location for Portugal.

On this page you will find resources, you will find a list organized by type of beneficiary user (Citizens, Companies, Schools and other Organizations) where each section provides a description of the Software in Portuguese; a link to access (register) the service; a link to access training on how to use the tool; and finally the user support mechanism.

Cidadãos & PME – Adobe

Cidadãos & PME – Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Cidadãos & PME – Amazon Web Services

Cidadãos & PME – Cisco Cidadãos & PME – Google

Cidadãos & PME – IPBRICK

Cidadãos & PME – Microsoft

Cidadãos & PME – Facebook Blueprint Ensino Superior e Ciência

Escolas – Adobe

Escolas – Amazon Web Services

Escolas – Cisco

Escolas – Google

Escolas – IPBRICK

Escolas – Microsoft

Escolas -Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Organizações – Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Organizações – Amazon Web Services

Organizações – Cisco Organizações – Google

Organizações – IPBRICK

Organizações – Microsoft

Suporte e Infraestrutura – Cisco


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